Fun with new computer!

Today I got a new computer. A dell laptop commuter it is so awsome. I know people don't like dell laptops but I like it. Such fun.
bye people.
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top twenty-five most romantic songs according to Jill

I have decide to list my top picks for my favorite pop songs. These are only the ones on my computer that I could remember. There are random choices. There are probably a lot of songs that I missed so enjoy.

25. "Open Your Eyes (To Love)" LMNT
24. "Dreams" The Cranberries
23. "Breathe" Faith Hill
22. "Heaven (Yanou Candlelight remix)" Dj Sammy
21. "Kiss Me" Sixpense none the Richer
20. "From This Momment On" Shania Twain
19. "Beacuse You Live" and "Beautiful Soul" tied both by Jesse McCartney
18. "You're the Inspiration" Chicago
17. "I Melt With You" Modern English
16. "I Do (Cherish You)" 98*
15. "All For Love" Sting, Bryan Adams et al.
14. "Unforgettable" Nat King Cole
13. "I'll Be" Edwin McCain
12. "Somewhere Out There" James Ingram
11. "Wherever You Will Go" The Calling
10. "I Swear" All-4-One
9. "100 Years" Five for Fighting
8. "Have I told you Lately that I love You" Rod Stewart
7. "At Last" Etna James
6. "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" Elvis
5. "Forever" Beach Boys
4. "Greatest Story Ever Told" Oliver James (What a Girl Wants soundtrack)
3. "What a Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong
2. "All My Life" K-Ci and Jojo
1. "I knew I loved You" Savage Garden

Now your turn
Sorry that now it is made offical, I am the Queen of the Pop music lovers.

(no subject)

I know I have not written in awhile. Normally it is because I have no stories worth anyone’s ear but today is different, today I do have a couple of stories.
Chico State has had computer hacking incident. I applied to Chico State 3 almost four years ago. Even though I did not go there, my name and social security was on the compromised computer, this is according to the letter I received from them. Luckily, I already had fraud alert on my name and soc, I had it extended because it was supposed to be out the end of this month and I had to call all my credit card companies that my social security number may have been compromised. So now, I cannot buy things online and so on.
Finally, I leave with a funny story. For lent I have given up call my cat the negative part of intelligence. Nevertheless, this morning I received the ultimate trial. My cat, Stormy, decided to walk through dog crap after that entered the house through the dining room dog door and walk through the house leaving crap on the floor in the dinning room and random spots in the hall and also in my room, where I was finishing getting ready for school. All I had to do before I left was get on my left shoe and give my dog her morning pill, and then I was going to leave. However, just as I got on my shoe and saw my cat walk into my, I smelt crap and was wondering as my cat nonchalantly nibbled at her dry food in my room. I realized that my cat was bottom was covered in crap. So I had to hold her from her back take her into the bathroom sink. Washed her then I had to mop the dinning room floor vacuum the hall and my room. I had to spray Fabreze on the floor. I was twenty minutes late to leave for school and ended up twenty-five minutes late for class, so I did not go. Therefore, now I have to tell my teacher the reason why I did not show up, how am I going to explain missing class because of the crap monster?
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Maybe I'm over reacting

Today my sister and I were drag to my parents counciling appoinment. Everything was going fine until, I was told I was huffy when asked to do stuff. I feel like this was a direct attack on me. I know m sister and I do everything around this house and here I was feeling like I don't do anything. I already have issues with the fact that I can never do anything good enough for my mom. Here I was just trying to deal with this and I got accused of being huffy, I try to do best but it never seems to be good enough. Maybe I am a little it just some things bother me like my mom asking me to do many things like go to the living room and do this, when you get back to her room go to the living and get that. This happens quite a lot. This week has been good except for election stuff, I set the curve on one of my test and I got an a on my second test I recieved an A, I do not know about my two essays but that was my week. All of a sudden I am told that I am huffy- bassicly I am a spoiled brat who does do anything and when I get asked to do something, I whine. <-over statement. It just hurts really badly. I don't want to be a drama queen but I really need help, I don't want to feel attacked anymore, I want to feel better and make my mom happy but I CANNOT no matter how hard I try!! I wish that there were more I can do but can't, all I can do is my best. Any suggestions, please help me!!
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Food for thought

According to President Bush, during the debates, Senator Kerry is the most liberal democrat in Congress. Yet Bush cronies keep on saying that Kerry flip-flops to the side of Kennedy and other dems in Congress, but if this were the case Kerry wouldn't be the "most liberal democrat in congress" it would be whoever is giving him his directive.

I don't know what the world is coming too oh well.
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what the hell????

Today in class the fire alarm all of a sudden went off. As we were exiting we could see students leaving the library and other buildings. Which I thought Shasta college would be like UC Davis and wire only one building to have their alarm go off at a time, so I thought this was weird, as long as most of the people I have spoken to, there has never been a fire drill on campus while anyone was there. So as we filed out, and waited. My teacher talked to one of the other teacher and he told some of the students that there was a bomb threat. My friends and I made a joke that maybe it would be wiser to be in our cars away from school. That is when one of the school officals yelled at us to go to our cars and leave imediately. We were stunted, so I left quickly. As we were leaving some people were coming in. I was in the first fifty out so it wasn't that bad for me to get off campus through one of the two exit. When made it home a message went across the bottem of the screen my teacher was right, bomb threat. Personally I feel that this was done by someone trying to avoid a test.,2232,REDD_17533_3159591,00.html
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(no subject)

Somethimes I hate being at home. I feel like I cannot do anything right. My mom has this way of making me feel stupid, which I know that I am not. Sometimes it make me feel like crap. I cannot make any mistakes without my mom getting lecturing me. She said that I always make up words. I don't always make up words. I feel so dumb. Sometimes she drags my sister into it and that can make me feel worse. I might misuse a word every once and a while but it is not always so. I hate hasty-generalization. I feel like my mom does even know me.
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....Do they really want to interview me?

For the last week I have applied at many places, Walmart, Macy's, Shopko, Kmart, and Target. Target called me back and they want an interview. I am excited because I was really worried that no one would take the bait I was dangling, because I have no experience in sales, just food service. I hope that I do well on my interview. I have only had one before and that was for catering. I am hoping that I can pay off my credit card and save money so that I can get an appartment when I need to get one.


School start on monday my schedule is:
9am-10 am History of the far east Hist 36
11am-12 pm United States History and Government from the beginning to 1877 Hist 17B
1pm-2 pm United States History and Government from the 1877-current Hist 17A
11am-12:30pm History- Western Civilization from the beginning to 1715 Hist 1A

to much history not enough time.
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